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Featured: Jenna Smith


Welcome, art enthusiasts and aspiring collectors! If you''ve always wanted to start collecting art but aren't quite sure how to start, let this blog be your guidance. In this blog post, we'll share some simple and important things to consider when starting your art collection, while reminding you to enjoy the process and have fun exploring lots of new art. Let's get started.
Who says you need to be a professional framer to get that fancy gallery look? We have all the simple tips and tricks to help make framing your art prints at home a quick and easy job, with stellar results.
Fine art prints are the showstealer in any room, so it's super important to keep them looking good so they can continue to shine for years to come. Keeping them looking their best for years to come does require some tender loving care. We've got you covered with these easy tips on how to care for your fine art prints at home!
Sophia Jenny is a visual and photographic artist based on Auckland’s North Shore, who has recently started creating cyanotypes, a slow-reacting process of photographic printing using sunlight. “I love the sun, and I’m fascinated by the unique qualities and possibilities of cyanotype. It’s the perfect medium for combining my skills as a photographer with my passion for fine art.” We love her process so asked her a few questions around that and what inspires her mesmerizingly blue art prints.
With the recent release of fine art prints by Lucy Rice we thought we would ask the Warwick based artist a few questions and get to know her a little better. 

How did you start your career as an artist?

I was a Photographer for 10 years then in 2019 I started Painting part time in my garage, this year I have become a full time artist & loving it!

'Calm of Hauraki Gulf' by Alice Berry is one of 80 whales tails currently on public display throughout Auckland region. Artists were asked to decorate and paint the tails to help raise awareness on the issues in the Hauraki Gulf and inform people about what needs to be done to protect our oceans. Alice Berry also has a limited edition art print 'Laolao/Calm of the Sea' of the same style as this whales tail.
Following the completion of the mural 'Us' at Vauxhall Primary School in Devonport, we caught up with Sparrow Phillips, the artist behind the brand Component. We chatted about growing in 80's Ponsonby, the influential teachers he had in high school, the balance of making art and making a living and the mural project as well.
Emile Holmewood is a graphic designer working and living in Tokyo, by way of London. Emile is pretty busy, often working across three time zones (Japan-10pm, London-2pm & New York-9am is the sweet spot), he recently became a dad and somehow he found the time to kindly reply to my back and forth emails. We "chatted" about how he ended up in Japan, what influences Tokyo has on his art, his favourite snack and of course LEGO.
Home Time™ is when we relax and re-connect with our personal spaces and objects within them, providing us with warmth & comfort. The thought of your favourite chair, reading a book outside during golden hour, getting creative at your houseplant covered desk, greeting your family, friends and pets. It is these personal moments that represent Home Time ™. As the saying goes “Relax… it’s Home Time™". Made in New Zealand by passionate locals who love Home Time™.
Ross Murray is an artist, illustrator, father, husband, graphic designer, comic book maker, storyteller and once upon a time did a wee stint at NZ Post. A man who spends most of his spare time trying to remember to breathe, we truly appreciated the time he took to answer some of our questions for the blog. We asked about all his creative endeavours and what he would be doing if he wasn't up to his ears in making art.

'No WiFi' by Lotte Hawley brings back that feeling of being free, being on an adventure... just being a kid. 

Nostalgia and innocence are two of the themes that run through Lotte's hand drawn illustrations.

“ My drawings are an exploration of the imagination, nostalgia and feelings of childhood. They step back in time to a place of simplicity, make believe, and a self-reliant state of play. These ideas recall a moment in our lives in which anything is possible. A memory, or a favourite past time, is then expanded into an almost surreal, fantastical dimension. We run away to explore… knowing that we must be home before dark."

Visiting Holly Roach at her home studio is always a delight, it's warm and inviting because that's the kind of person Holly is. We sat and chatted over coffee while she quietly worked on some ideas for new work and added finishing touches to another. We even got a visit from Charlie 🐱. In this blog Holly describes her long career in the art world, the playful process she has developed to art making and confesses that no medium or material is off limits.