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Following the completion of the mural 'Us' at Vauxhall Primary School in Devonport, we caught up with Sparrow Phillips, the artist behind the brand Component. We chatted about growing in 80's Ponsonby, the influential teachers he had in high school, the balance of making art and making a living and the mural project as well.
Emile Holmewood is a graphic designer working and living in Tokyo, by way of London. Emile is pretty busy, often working across three time zones (Japan-10pm, London-2pm & New York-9am is the sweet spot), he recently became a dad and somehow he found the time to kindly reply to my back and forth emails. We "chatted" about how he ended up in Japan, what influences Tokyo has on his art, his favourite snack and of course LEGO.
Home Time™ is when we relax and re-connect with our personal spaces and objects within them, providing us with warmth & comfort. The thought of your favourite chair, reading a book outside during golden hour, getting creative at your houseplant covered desk, greeting your family, friends and pets. It is these personal moments that represent Home Time ™. As the saying goes “Relax… it’s Home Time™". Made in New Zealand by passionate locals who love Home Time™.
Ross Murray is an artist, illustrator, father, husband, graphic designer, comic book maker, storyteller and once upon a time did a wee stint at NZ Post. A man who spends most of his spare time trying to remember to breathe, we truly appreciated the time he took to answer some of our questions for the blog. We asked about all his creative endeavours and what he would be doing if he wasn't up to his ears in making art.

'No WiFi' by Lotte Hawley brings back that feeling of being free, being on an adventure... just being a kid. 

Nostalgia and innocence are two of the themes that run through Lotte's hand drawn illustrations.

“ My drawings are an exploration of the imagination, nostalgia and feelings of childhood. They step back in time to a place of simplicity, make believe, and a self-reliant state of play. These ideas recall a moment in our lives in which anything is possible. A memory, or a favourite past time, is then expanded into an almost surreal, fantastical dimension. We run away to explore… knowing that we must be home before dark."

Visiting Holly Roach at her home studio is always a delight, it's warm and inviting because that's the kind of person Holly is. We sat and chatted over coffee while she quietly worked on some ideas for new work and added finishing touches to another. We even got a visit from Charlie 🐱. In this blog Holly describes her long career in the art world, the playful process she has developed to art making and confesses that no medium or material is off limits.

'View II' is a part of an ongoing series of photographs by Amy Wybrow inspired  by early botanical illustrations and photographic documentation of the natural world.

Amy explores the tropical and architectural elements of the glass houses which have been built and tempered to create an artificial and ethereal environment for exotic plant species.

One sunny February afternoon, I wandered down to Lucy Davidson's 62 Ponsonby Road studio and hung out for few hours. We talked about life, work and art of course. Lucy freely worked away on three or four paintings, while I quietly captured this easy afternoon. 

'Still Life in Bathroom' is a cheeky art print by the Japan based New Zealand artist Emile Holmewood aka Blood Bros. 

Emile vector illustrations are inspired by a wide range of things and art periods from LEGO, Japanese culture to Baroque art and American painter Norman Saunders.

This simple but impactful styled shot by the Place and Graces team picks out key colours in the art print and reinforces them in the objects and furniture to make for a contemporary styled shot.

View 'Still in Bathroom' by Blood Bros. >

Styled by Places and Graces for endemicworld

To celebrate Pride Month in 2021 we asked artist and graphic designer Sarah Parkinson-Howe to design and paint, along with the help of Lucy Davidson, our Ponsonby Road garage door. We captured the day of painting so we could share the finished mural, along with a video of the artists in action. Happy Pride Month!
This week we invited Auckland stylist Kate Alexander of Places and Graces to share with you her immense knowledge, tips and tricks and things to remember when styling round artwork for your home.
Auckland based painter and graphic designer Alice Berry has released new work for her 'Uncut Gems' series, an ongoing collection of paintings which reference the beauty of the imperfect, each painting is inspired by it's own gem. We recently visited Alice in her home studio in Mount Eden to learn a bit more about her and to watch her work.

'Aubrey Tui' is a limited edition art print by Auckland based artist Margaret Petchell. Originally a large scale painting 'Aubrey' is painted in Margaret's signature animal portrait style with intricate details, vibrant colours and a stark white background. 

Birds are a favourite subject for Margaret to paint, as she is she is captivated by their intense expressive eyes.

This monochromatic room styled by the Places and Graces team was a part of a challenge to style a series of rooms using the same blue wall.  The tones of blue and pop of natural wood gives the room a 60's era feel.

View Margaret Petchell collection >>

Styled by Places and Graces for Resene Colour

Growing up in Orewa on the Hibiscus Coast and spending much of her childhood on the family farm in Gisborne, Olivia Bezett was surrounded by nature, animals and art. The talented young artists colour pencil illustrations feature, striking native birds, fluffy bunny rabbits and cheeky woodland critters. Olivia's intricately detailed work reflect her love for animals and amazing skill can be credited to her dedication to drawing everyday and having a supportive artistic family.

'Hukanui' by Hawkes based artist Rakai Karaitiana is a part of a series of hand-coloured photographs from his 2017 exhibition 'Rest Area' that was held at endemicworld.

Hand-colouring was a popular method for producing colour photography in the early to mid 19th century and made popular by the early Japanese colour artists and most famously here in New Zealand  by Whites Aviation.

The process of hand-colouring simplifies the images, no longer full colour representations and only utilizing a handful of essential colours. The hand-tinted element brings a human hand to the technical process of photography and helps to accentuate tones and hues, creating warm and almost surreal landscapes.

The team at Places and Graces have taken inspiration from the hand-colouring process selecting a simple colour palette that is echoed from tones in the photograph to create a tranquil and harmonious space.

View Rakai Karaitiana collection >>

Styled by Places and Graces for Resene Colour

endemicworld® is an art gallery and online art business based in Ponsonby Road Auckland. Founded in 2007 by Elliot Alexander, it has been our goal to make buying you art easier for New Zealanders.

Our team are continuously curating and choosing unique art in a range of medias, styles and prices for our customers so they can own a unique collection of art. We have the best job in the world curating work from a diverse and talented range of New Zealand and International artists, designers, illustrators, printmakers, painters, street artists, and photographers.

In this video we share a bit of the history of endemicworld®, what our vision for selling art and helping artist is and the team that make it all happen.