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Abbey Merson

Painting from her studio in Hastings, New Zealand, Abbey’s art encapsulates her love of florals, landscapes and vibrant colours.

Having painted daily for the last five years, Abbey’s studio is best described as an explosion in a paint factory. With blooms plonked in jars, art supplies scattered over tables and shelves stacked with sparkly treasures, as paintings of all stages cover every inch of wall space.

For Abbey, painting is a form of escapism, allowing her to make sense of the world and to re visit memorable moments of her childhood. Although Abbey’s work continues to evolve as she explores the never ending world of colour, her art almost always begins with a foraged flower or a treasure gifted to her by a friend, before intuitively taking on a life of its own.

Equipped with her paint brush in hand, Abbey is devoted to making the ordinary world extraordinary the best way she knows how – by painting colourful, enjoyment pieces that make you want to stop for a moment and SMILE!