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Kate Steiner

Kate Steiner Artist

Kate has always been a maker, using a wide variety of different mediums from Pounamu, Mother-of-Pearl and silver, to ceramics, fabric, and most recently, Linoleum.

She has a strong affinity with the flora and fauna of Aotearoa, the beauty of our land and the wildlife that it shares. A natural dreamer, her work is influenced by emotion and intuition, and she allows that to guide her hands and speak in her prints. Recently Kate has immersed herself in Linocut relief printing. Pulling designs from her pencil sketches, the work is cut into lino blocks with small chisels. Cutting the blocks requires a lot of focus, time and rhythmic carving, which Kate finds both meditative and mood enhancing. The work is then hand burnished on to quality acid-free paper, using light-fast inksDue to the hand-made nature of the linocut printing process each print has very slight variations, making them even more one of a kind!