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Francesca Melis

Francesca Melis ArtistFrancesca is a Graphic Designer and multidisciplinary creative, with a particular interest in illustration and typography. Her work is heavily influenced by bright pop colour palettes, vintage Designs from the '60s and the '70s, Victorian botanical prints, and medieval iconography. In her illustrations, the plant and the floral world is an omnipresent component that she uses as a decorative element, but most importantly to celebrate the vivid memories of her childhood, spent in close contact with nature and animals, and to satisfy the need to return to those places with her imagination.

The tradition of Sardinian decorative art is a fundamental component of Francesca's research and in her work, there are often representations of clothes and fabrics that recall ancient embroideries and textures of the rich cultural heritage of Sardinia, the island she comes from.

In New Zealand, where Francesca has lived for some years, she has had the opportunity to study Creative Digital Design and collaborate with clients in the editorial, publishing, music, and sports industries.