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Matariki Hunga Nui

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Rosie Louise & Terry Moyle

Rosie Louise & Terry Moyle Artists

Artists Rosie and Terry collaborate as Contour Creative Studio. Their elegant designs and illustration have been a commercial presence for decades. Moyle/Louise’s connection with New Zealand’s graphic and cultural heritage is exceptionally sound. Terry Moyle has authored, and together with Rosie Louise, illustrated books on New Zealand’s art deco, electrical appliances, and other subjects. Some of their art on the Endemic World site is from the book, ‘New Zealand at the Beach’.

Although informed by mid-20th Century realism and illustration, the artists have worked with vector illustration from the very beginning. “Vectors and the processes involved in working with vectors, enable art to be created in new ways,” says Moyle. “There’s the technical aspect and the essential intuitive side, with fine-tuning things to get the sensibility you’re after.” Their popular range of prints show the legacy of the artists’ professional careers, with a consistent combination of mood and expertly crafted design.