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Vasundhara Singh

My name is Vasundhara Singh, I studied Textile Design from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad in India. Indian aesthetics and printed textiles have a lot of details and that has seeped into my style. I enjoy creating a very detailed artwork that holds the viewers attention with its lines and intricate connections.

10 years ago I left the big and busy city of New Delhi to move to wine-country-paradise in Marlborough, New Zealand. I was reintroduced to nature and inspired by our lush garden and surrounding beaches. 

I grew up in a landlocked city so being inspired by sea life was almost like being interested in a new world. I work in many different mediums, pen and ink, watercolour and my most recent explorations are in creating cyanotypes. 

I started varying the subject of the cyanotype from botanicals to my own drawings with additional details added in white pen. That's how the Underwater sea life cyanotype series came about.

I’m enjoying my self-directed journey and I’m finally doing the work I love!

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