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Matariki Hunga Nui

Featured: Jenna Smith

Grant Alexander


In 1960 when Grant was 10 years old his father would bring home from his local news agent, a weekly roll of magazines, newspapers and comics. Pleasant memories of Beano, Disney, Mad Magazine, The Wild Western, NZ Home and Building,The Weekly News, War Comics and The Truth newspaper. Drawing and reading became a favourite hobby. Fast forward to 1975 Grant arrived in London with a graphic design degree, one local friend and little money. After many interviews he landed an Art Assistant job at Nova Magazine. The top avant garde fashion magazine of the time. Rubbing shoulders with the best Illustrators, photographers, art directors and writers, gave him excellent insights into the worlds of talented creative people. Fast forward to 2024. After an enjoyable 40 year career as a graphic designer Grant has now returned to making art. Mixed media analogue and digital collage.