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Featured: Jenna Smith

Grant Alexander


In 1960 when he was 10 years old, Grant's Mother purchased a local drapery business in Mahora, a suburb of Hastings in the Hawkes Bay. An early introduction to fabrics and woman’s fashion. Pleasant memories of travelling with his Mother on buying trips to Wellington wholesalers like Bing Harris. Vast warehouses full of imported fashion. Fast forward to 1975. Grant arrived in London with a graphic design qualification, one local friend and little money. After many interviews, he landed an Art Assistant job on Nova Magazine. The top avant garde fashion magazine of the time. Rubbing shoulders with the best photographers, and art directors in London at that time gave him an insight into fashion photography and consolidated an interest that has remained with him ever since. Fast forward to 2022. After an enjoyable 40 year career as a graphic designer Grant is now returning to fashion as content inspiration for his digital and analogue collage work.