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Elliot Alexander


E.W.A lives in Bayswater (or as he often refers to it as 'North Devo Cuz'). His 1950 state house is a strategic location almost exactly 1400m west to the bayswater boat ramp, or 1400m east to Narrow Neck Beach. Being on the ocean, or near the ocean, being able to smell the ocean, hear the ocean, or just knowing it is nearby keeps Elliot calm (but amped beyond most normal ocean loving humans). 

Elliot founded Ponsonby Art Gallery endemicworld, but has lived Devo side since ’95. Photography for him is a release of energy, and a way to disconnect from our overly connected world. His work attempts to help you disconnect, and to never take for granted the playground that is just a stone's throw away from all of us lucky enough to live so close to the ocean.