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Matariki Hunga Nui

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Jonnie Ritchie

Jonnie Ritchie

Jonnie Ritchie is an Auckland based illustrator. He studied History of Art and Graphic Design in his native UK before moving to New Zealand in 2015 to explore Aotearoa and connect with extended family in Hawkes Bay and Auckland. 

With a passion for urban culture, architecture and hospitality, Jonnie began to illustrate independent neighbourhood cafes, restaurants and shops. Through simplification of form and bright, vivid colour he attempts to preserve and chronicle local institutions as heightened, cartoonised versions of themselves.

As traditional shops of the High Street become an increasingly rare sight, Jonnie wants to create illustrations which are a celebration of the individual character of small businesses which he believes are a vital part of the city. 

Jonnie likes music, beer and dogs, but not necessarily in that order.