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Charlotte Clements

Charlotte Clements is a New Zealand based photographer who creates simple, poetic records of our natural environment with the intention to create awareness and inspire us to take care of our earth. She holds a belief that every individual can make a difference to the wellbeing of our people and our planet. Rather than portraying an awe inspiring sunset or wild flowing river, she seeks to use her photos of ‘ordinary, daily nature’ to create a connection between nature, people and our emotional wellbeing, like shadows organically peppering boulders or wildflowers growing amidst clifftops. Nature and our sense of caring for our earth isn’t ‘out there’ and only reserved for when we go hiking or travelling, it is right here, around us all the time, in its humble ordinariness.

Her deep connection to nature and a longing to visually document our world are an intrinsic part of her. She grew up being lulled to sleep with the waves pounding against Sumner Beach and walking along little coastal paths dotted with wildflowers. Still today nature is part of her daily life - an impromptu burst of sunlight joyfully illuminating her morning coffee, the panacea to a head cold and the classroom for her children.