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Framing Update April 2021

Currently we only frame art we sell here at endemicworld.

Current lead times for 1-5 framed prints
Simple framing: 4-10 days
Matted / Setback / Floated framing: 14-21 days

Current lead times for 5+ framed prints
Simple framing: 10-14 days
Matted / Setback / Floated framing: 21-30 days


At endemicworld we believe in order to get the most out of your art print you should frame it. We offer a range of framing options to compliment different styles of artwork. On this page we outline the important details you want to know about each framing style to help you make your decision.


Simple style framing is the most popular framing option we offer, it gives art prints a clean contemporary look and is great value being an affordable price point and one we can do in house for quick turnaround. Like the name suggests there are no added features it’s just the print placed straight in against the glass, taped and strung ready to hang.

Simple framing is the default option available across most art prints on our website and what we recommend for those wanting to frame their art simply and affordably.


The most traditional framing method is matting a print. Beneficial and simple, the mat is a thicker piece of cut board which is placed over the print to create a 'white space' between the print and the frame.

The mat gives a print space away from the glass which protects the paper from mould and keeps it flat. As well as archival benefits, matting your art increases the overall size and enhances the presence of a piece on the wall. Almost any frame can be used with a mat making it a versatile option.


Floating allows each feature of the artwork to stand out, including the edges of the paper. This is perfect for works with deckled or torn edges and intricate details, as it presents the work in a simplistic, stylish setting with minimal interference to the artwork. 

A natural border of about 50mm is visible, with a background colour mat colour selected to compliment the paper. Box frames are most commonly used to create enough space to float the paper whilst keeping it separate from the glass.

Set Back

Setting a print back from the glass protects the art without the need for a mat. Generally, no mat is shown, the print being flush with the edge of the frame. Box frames are mainly used to set a print back as they allow for space between the backing board and glass. 

While the print is usually set back the whole depth of the frame, it is possible to set back a portion of this. Photographic and strong graphic works suit a set back frame particularly well.

Conservation of your Artwork

Conservation matting and framing options are a safe way to make sure your art lasts as long as possible. Conservation options include UV protecting glass, archival backing board, mats and glues. 

When purchasing original and limited edition art works, or framing art that has irreplaceable value, then conservation framing is recommended in order to extend the life and value of the art. Contact us or use the form below to request conservation grade framing.