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Simon Stockley

simon-stockley-artist-mugshotSimon Stockley has been producing art for well over 50 years He attended Elam School of Fine Arts in  1979 where he was lectured by Robert Ellis, Dick Frizzell and Don Binney. Throughout the 80’s Simon became a muralist and a freelance illustrator creating a lot of editorial illustrations for publications like Pacific Way, NZ Business and Metro. His mostprominent mural is the Southern Right Whales mural on Dominion Road, Auckland which has become somewhat iconic lasting nearly 40 years. From the early 90’s Simon began using Photoshop to create his illustrations and from the mid 90s moved on to 3D applications. For the last 25 years Simon has focused on computer generated images, using them for  dance party posters and source material for paintings. More recently has produced finished works in digital medium for printmaking.