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Curated Collections: Shop by colour, theme and style.

We have curated collections to help with some of the decision making when it comes to finding the right colour, theme or style. Whether you're drawn to bold and graphic design or you get excited about nods to classic Aotearoa charm, there's an art print waiting to find its home on your walls.

Top 100 Art Prints: The Crème de la Crème 

With over 70 artists at endemicworld, there is some seriously rad art! We have curated the best from each with our Top 100 Art Prints. Featuring a selection of the most popular and what we think you'll love, this collection is the best of the best.

Limited Edition: Unique and Personal

Limited Edition prints promise a unique addition to your collection. They're often signed and numbered by the artist and delivered in small batches so you know you've got something special.

Handmade Art Prints: Crafted with Love

Cyanotypes, aerosol stencils and embellished artworks are all part of the handmade collection. They're original in their own right and we call them art prints because they are designed to be repeated in small editions.

Mini Art Prints: Little Treats

For those with a penchant for the small yet impactful, Little Treats provide a delightful way to obtain a piece of art if space or budget are considerations. Perfect for creating curated clusters like a gallery wall. These also cross over into our next collection which is focussed on gifting.

Art Gifts: Thoughtful Gestures of Creativity

Give the gift of art with this collection tailored for special occasions. From birthday and weddings to housewarmings and other milestones, art gifts are a thoughtful way to share the joy of creativity with your loved ones.

Abstract: The Undefined 

Abstract art opens the door to interpretation, allowing each viewer to connect with the piece on a personal level. Explore the beauty of the undefined and let your imagination run wild.

Classic Aotearoa: Nostalgia & Kiwiana


Immerse yourself in the beauty of New Zealand with the Classic Aotearoa collection. Timeless and elegant, these pieces capture the essence of the land in a way that transcends fleeting trends.

Fun/Kids: Whimsical Wonders for the Young at Heart

Nurture the budding art lover in your life with the Fun/Kids collection. Whimsical and vibrant, these prints bring joy and imagination to any space, making them perfect for kids' rooms or play areas.

Graphic: Bold Statements, Striking Impressions

Make a statement with the Graphic collection, where bold lines and vivid contrasts create visually striking impressions. Ideal for those who appreciate art that demands attention.

Landscapes: Nature's Palette 

Transport yourself to views with the Landscapes collection. Whether it's a serene mountain range or a sun-kissed beach, these prints capture the beauty of the great outdoors.

Minimal: Less is More

Experience the beauty of simplicity with the Minimal collection. Clean lines, subtle colors, and a focus on essential elements make these prints a sophisticated choice for modern spaces.

Painterly: Brushstrokes of Emotion

Dive into the world of emotions with the Painterly collection. Each stroke tells a story, creating a visual narrative that resonates with the soul. Perfect for those who appreciate the artistry of paint on canvas.

Photography: Capturing Moments in Time

From stunning portraits to awe-inspiring landscapes, these prints bring the art of photography to the forefront.

Urban: Cityscapes and Modernity

The energy of urban life is seen and felt across cityscapes, modern architecture, and street art. The Urban collection speaks to the vibrancy of city living.

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Whether you're drawn to the abstract, the classic, the bold or you're seeking a burst of color, there's a collection that aligns with your unique taste and style.