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A Guide to Gifting Art From Your Favourite Art Gallery

A Guide to Gifting Art From Your Favourite Art Gallery

'Tis the season to be jolly and avoid the last-minute gift scramble.From finding the perfect piece for your space, to thoughtful presents and vouchers, art can be the perfect gift that keeps on giving. There are several ways to make the most of the giving season at your favourite art gallery. Here is our curated guide for gifting art.

Tips For Gifting Art

Gifting art is a gesture that lasts a lifetime and creates special memories so take the time to explore the diverse range of artworks available and select a piece that speaks to the heart. Consider investing in a meaningful piece that reflects the recipient's personality and passions.

Personal Taste: Consider the recipient's personal taste and take note of their preferences. What colours do they wear? Do they have art in their home? Have they ever pointed at something that excited them?

Space and Size: Take into account the space where the art will be displayed. Ensure that the size of the artwork complements the recipient's living or working space. 

Colour Palette: Pay attention to the colour scheme of the recipient's space. Choose art that harmonises with the existing colours or provides a striking contrast, depending on their preferences.

Meaningful Themes: Look for art that carries a meaningful theme or connection. Consider the recipient's interests, hobbies, or life events. A piece that resonates on a personal level adds an extra layer of significance.

Consider the Artist: If the recipient has a favourite artist, consider pieces by that artist. Alternatively, explore emerging artists or local talents to introduce something new and unique to their collection.

Include Documentation: If possible, provide information about the artist, the inspiration behind the piece, or any relevant background. All endemicworld art prints come with an artist bio. This adds depth to the gift and enhances the recipient's connection to the artwork.

Avoid Extreme Styles: While unique pieces are great, it's advisable to avoid extremely polarising or controversial styles unless you are absolutely sure it aligns with the recipient's taste. It's important to choose pieces that align with the recipient's background and beliefs.

Remember, the thoughtfulness behind the gift is what makes it special. Taking the time to understand the recipient's preferences and choosing a piece that reflects those preferences will make the art gift truly meaningful.

Our Top Picks Guide:

'New Zealand Dairy' Art Print by Ross Murray

If your special someone grew up in Aotearoa, they probably made a few stops at the dairy for an ice cream. A colourful vintage style travel poster that celebrate the New Zealand summer. 

'Red Leader' Art Print by Glenn Jones

Maybe your recipient has a sense of humour or you feel a hint of nostalgia when you spend time with them. Pair this with a bag of the classic sweets and you have a sentimental gift that celebrates what it is to be a Kiwi.

'Her'Art Print by Matt Jennings

The simplicity of this piece is what makes it so intimate and captures the joy that can be found in vulnerability.



'Tangaroa'Art Print by OSLO

A minimal design that references the māori god of the sea Tangaroa, the colour and simple line design make this a very modern art print.

'Bougainvillea' Art Print by Home Time

Capturing the evening glow of a table setting with clever shadow play. The organic brush strokes and delicate flowers make this a warm and cozy art print.

'Longer Days' Art Print by Lucy Davidson

'Golden Hour' in Aotearoa can display some impressive light shows and Lucy's art prints capture this with emotion and movement.

'Half Full' Art Print by Grace Popplewell

A glass of Aperol basks in the sun’s golden glow, catching the light and transforming it into a vibrant orange spectacle. This simple still life captures the beauty found in the little things.


'Coromandel Picnic' Photographic Print by Elliot Alexander

One of the best non-secret picnic spots in the Coromandel Peninsula. Taken roadside 2021, in between seagulls taking shifts on the table. A wonderful place, and part of an ongoing un-named series inspired by solitude, pondering and doing nothing.

'Does My Art Look Big in This?' Art Print by endemicworld

This bold and satisfyingly composed typographic print was made by the endemicworld team, to bring a little fun and clean aesthetic to the people. A little tongue in cheek from your favourite Ponsonby Art Gallery.

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New Gift Vouchers

If you are feeling uncertain about the recipient's taste, consider a gift card or voucher. This allows them to choose a piece that resonates with them personally.

Our updated gift vouchers are now elegantly presented in an embossed black envelope and feature 'ART, ART, ART' cards in four fun colours. We can add a personalised message for you too!

Getting in Early

Beat the rush! Come in and talk to us about your custom needs. By staying ahead of the crowd, you can make informed decisions and acquire artworks that resonate with your unique aesthetic sensibilities. 

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Share the love for art and support emerging and established artists as recipients choose from captivating paintings, limited-edition prints, and more, ensuring a truly personalised and meaningful gift.