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Featured: Jenna Smith

Finding Your Connection Through Abstract Art

Discovering your connection to abstract art doesn't have to be daunting. We've put together a collection of varied styles by artists at endemicworld. These works show how the form can offer an escape from the mundane, evoke strong emotions, and challenge perceptions.

1. Lucy Rice: Intuitive Landscapes

'Two Roads North' original artwork by Lucy Rice

Lucy Rice works with acrylics & mixed media to create intuitive abstract pieces with soft pastel tones. Her paintings play with the idea of physical & emotional landscapes being connected. She is interested in colour balance, the idea of colour healing and metaphysics.

Your Connection: Intuitive art invites you to embrace your own emotions. It's a mirror that reflects your own emotional landscape. 

2. Holly Roach: Geometrical Abstraction

'December' Art Print by Holly Roach

Holly Roach's artworks are influenced by simple forms, patterns and colours often found in surface designs of the 50s & 60s – and of course her obvious love of birds. 

Your Connection: Geometrical Abstraction challenges you to see the world from a very different perspective. It reduces form down to basic shapes and encourages you to explore the complexity of everyday life.

3. Component: Pops of Colour

'Spectrum Vibrations' original artwork by Component

Abstract expressions of colour can evoke a visceral response. Component's Spectrum Vibration series employ unique shapes, light and colour. The gradient transitions smoothly from one hue to another, creating a harmonious blend and the high gloss resin coating enhances the tone.

Your Connection: Letting loose with art selection can be great fun. There is the potential to choose colours just for the love of them. 

4. Lucy Davidson: Reading the Clues

'Disco Tracks' original by Lucy Davidson

An effective way to connect with abstract art is to look for clues within the work. Lucy Davidson's titles and descriptions provide clues to the underlying concepts. A seemingly ambiguous abstract work titled 'Disco Tracks' is a nostalgic study of childhood.

5. Inaluxe: Minimalist Meditation

Modular in Yellow art print by Inaluxe photographed by Resene

Imagine an artwork that seems almost empty, with only a few lines, shapes, or colours gracing the canvas. This is Minimalism, a form of abstract art that celebrates simplicity and space. Inaluxe's philosophy is simple - Make it beautiful, use the best materials possible, and be responsible and sustainable.

Your Connection: Minimalist art encourages you to declutter and appreciate the beauty of simplicity. It's a reminder that sometimes, less is more.

6. Alice Berry: Texture and Sensation

Process shot by Alice Berry in her studio

Imagine an artwork that seems to come alive under your fingertips, a canvas that's not just a visual experience but a tactile one. Abstract Impressionism is all about texture, sensation, and the physicality of art. Alice Berry has a recognisable style that is colourful, fun. Alice paintings are free and playful. Her love of nature can be seen in the organic shapes, themes and textures in her artwork. 

Your Connection: Texture invites you to engage with art on a sensory level. It's a reminder that art isn't just something to look at; it's something to touch and to feel. It's a journey into the world of sensations and a celebration of the physicality of art.

Viewers enjoying work by Jenna Smith and Alice Murray at endemicworld gallery 


Abstract art sparks conversations and connections with others. Everyone will bring something unique to the table. The discussions around it can broaden your understanding of the artwork and the world around you.