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Celebrating Matariki with our Artists each year

Matariki, the Māori New Year, is a time of reflection, renewal, and celebration. Matariki symbolises the gathering of people, the remembrance of those who have passed and the planting of new seeds for the future. For us as an art business, it represents a unique opportunity to honour Aotearoa's Māori artists and give back to the community. We have found our own unique way of supporting not for profit organisations and our artists at this time.

Each year, we commission an artwork from a local artist; the only parameters are that it must be A2 size and reproducible. We cover the print costs and pay the artist for their time to create it. We then donate 100% of the retail price from the art sales to a charity of the artist's choice.

Here's a look at our journey back to 2022.

2024 - Tristan Marler

Matariki Hunga Nui Limited Edition Art Print (SOLD OUT)

Matariki Hunga Nui Limited Edition Art Print by Tristan Marler 

This year we have collaborated with Tristan Marler (Manawa Tapu). His print depicts the nine whetū making up the Matariki constellation. Tristan celebrates Matariki as a time for whānau and friends to come together. He describes the occasion as a time to reflect on the past year and remember those who have passed. "It's a time to dream and make goals for the year to come, to acknowledge and give thanks for the kai provided for us by ngā Ātua Māori and to learn more about and celebrate our diverse culture and Te Ao Māori. It is exciting to live in a time where our taonga tuku iho are being celebrated and adopted by more Māori and non-Māori alike."

Tristan Marler (Manawa Tapu) is of Te Rarawa/Te Aupouri descent, from the Hokianga in Te Tai Tokerau (the Far North) of Aotearoa. A multi-disciplinary artist, Tristan is formally trained in Whakairo Rākau (traditional wood carving) and specialises in Tā Moko (traditional Māori Tattooing). Tristan considers himself lucky to be a full time artist. "I love to jump on any kaupapa that offers a chance to give back to the community and help other people. KidsCan is a charity I support as it looks after our tamariki living below the poverty line and gives them an opportunity for a better start in life, something all of us deserve."

Limited Edition Art Print printed by endemicworld on 100% textured cotton rag.

Tristan’s painting and printmaking practice blends his knowledge and experience to create bold, visually striking works, drawing on his rich cultural heritage. He seeks to honour the past and explore the future of Toi Māori through the preservation of traditional Māori arts and crafts.

Matariki Hunga Nui Limited Edition Art Print by Tristan Marler insitu.

The proceeds from this year's artwork will be donated to 'KidsCan'

2023 - Rakai Karaitiana

Ngā Mata o Te Ariki o Tāwhirimātea Limited Edition Art Print 
Ka mahuta a Matariki i te pae, ka mahuta ō tātou tūmanako ki te tau.
When Matariki rises above the horizon, our aspirations rise to the year ahead.

Ngā Mata o Te Ariki o Tāwhirimātea Limited Edition Art Print by Rakai Karaitiana

This year for Matariki, we collaborated with Hawkes Bay artist, Rakai Karaitiana, to create a limited edition fine art print. 2023 was a particularly challenging year for many. Rakai and arrived back from an overseas trip to chaos and was unable to return to his home in the Hawkes Bay. Rakai expressed importance of instant relief during this time. "Amidst the devastation of Cyclone Gabriel working with endemicworld allowed them to make a significant and heartfelt impact by directly aiding a family affected by the storm, ensuring our contributions truly mattered."

Rakai Karaitiana hand painting each print.

In this piece, Rakai sought to experiment with abstract forms that represent the real world. Within the composition, you can observe the moon in its final Tangaroa phase. The negative space reveals the presence of the nine stars of Matariki, while below, the sun is about to rise. 
A limited edition of 30 works were printed by endemicworld and hand embellished by Rakai. On average, it took him about half an hour to ink each one, resulting in a unique series with a personal touch.

Ngā Mata o Te Ariki o Tāwhirimātea Limited Edition Art Print by Rakai Karaitiana

This year’s sale proceeds directly sent to supported a whānau from Omahu. This family faced significant challenges from Cyclone Gabrielle, including extensive damage to their home. With the limited edition selling out, we raised $4,500 for this family. Being from Hawkes Bay himself, it was important to Rakai that these funds were directed for immediate relief.

Ngā Mata o Te Ariki o Tāwhirimātea Insitu

2022 - Maku  Fenaroli

Matariki Limited Edition Art Print

Matariki Limited Edition Art Print by Maku Fenaroli.

In our first year, 2022, we collaborated with artist Maku Fenaroli to create a limited edition screen-print for Matariki. Maku focussed on the constellation of nine stars which mark the beginning of the new year in the Māori Lunar calendar. Each print was individual and unique due to the handmade nature of this type of printing. 
Maku said it was an an honour to be asked to collaborate on this project as a Māori artist. "I do often have a bit of imposter syndrome when it comes to being an artist so to be chosen for such a special piece was a real highlight for me especially as a Māori living out of Aotearoa." 

Maku is a self taught artist. She was born in Auckland, but moved to Melbourne in 2013. She has enjoyed drawing and painting all her life but only really started to share it when she moved to Australia. She is Ngāi Tūhoe, and her whanau are from the Waimana ranges. Having moved away from New Zealand, Maku feels a sense of home when creating Māori artwork with her signature layered patterns. "It really gave me that connection to home and my people. It was also really helpful to have the team help me narrow down my ideas too and then to have them sell out in such a short time was really validating" said the mother of two.

Matariki Limited Edition Art Print by Maku Fenaroli in situ.

100% of the money raised from the sale of this print were donated to Nga Whare Waatea Foodbank a marae-based foodbank in partnership with Auckland City Mission and the Manukau Urban Maori Authority (MUMA). The edition sold out within moments.

Looking Ahead

As we look forward to the next Matariki celebration, we are grateful for the artists who have contributed their talents and the community that has supported this initiative. Each year, we are reminded of the power of art to bring people together and make a positive difference.
We look forward to the next release, celebrating Matariki and supporting a cause that aligns with our artists' values.