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Original Artwork Selling Terms

These are the terms for artists selling original artwork at endemicworld. By selling your original artwork at endemicworld both parties agree to the following terms.

Commission & Payment 
endemicworld charges 30% commission excluding gst. 
endemicworld includes gst on all sales. 

Example of 30% commission working:
Artwork sells for $1000 including gst
Artist receives $700 including gst (or $608.70 if not gst registered).

All sales must be paid in full before it is considered a completed sale. 5% of the agreed RRP can be negotiated without artist consent, any greater discount can only be made under guidance from the artist. Artists are paid in full within 7 days of endemicworld receiving an invoice from the artist. 

Free NZ Shipping 
endemicworld offers free NZ shipping. If your artwork is purchased online or in-store and requires shipping we cover the cost of shipping up to $50 (incl gst). If shipping costs exceed $50 the difference will be deducted from the sale price before commission is calculated.

$1000 painting sells and cost of shipping is $80
Commission is calculated from $970 ($1000 less difference of shipping ($80-$50))

Selling Together 
endemicworld believes in providing flexibility to artists when it comes to selling their artwork, that is why we offer a selling together model.
Instead of a traditional exclusive/dealership style agreement we have a simple $150 (incl gst) withdrawal fee. If you decide to remove your artwork from our collection within 6 months you will be charged the withdrawal fee. If you decide to remove your artwork from our collection after 6 months, you will not be charged a withdrawal fee. 
This incentivises us to sell your artwork within a short 6 month period, but gives you freedom to sell directly or take an artwork out of our collection if you wish.

Content & Photography 
endemicworld will provide photography of the artwork being added to our collection. We encourage you to use the same imagery for your own website, and ask that you include a clear description that informs your website visitors that the artwork is available to view and buy at endemicworld.
(endemicworld can provide tips and advice on communicating this in the copy on your website so don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask for help) 

Online Sales 
endemicworld will list the work online during the sale period, sales are treated the same whether they occur online or in the gallery. 

New Work Only 
endemicworld only sells new artwork and is not a dealer gallery so will not sell pre-owned.

The Long Game
endemicworld is committed to helping artists reach creative and commercial success. It takes time to build a reputation as an artist and as an Art Gallery. By selling your artworks with us you get to take advantage of the marketing and profile building we do for you. We have seen artists that stay focused on the long game achieve some great results and career success. Working together with a common vision is how we have been able to help artists sell their artwork.

Thank You
We never take for granted the privilege of selling your art, that is why our commission is much lower than the 40% or even 50% commission charged by other art galleries and art events in New Zealand.  
Thank you for being part of our art journey and having us being a part of yours.

Ngā mihi nui