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Meet the Maker - Lucy Rice

With the recent release of fine art prints by Lucy Rice we thought we would ask the Snells Beach based artist a few questions and get to know her a little better. 

How did you start your career as an artist?

I was a photographer for 10 years then in 2019 I started painting part time in my garage, this year I have become a full time artist and I'm loving it!

What's your background? Did you go to art school? 
Yep, I went to Elam here at the University of Auckland.

Can you describe your style and how you came to it?
My style is mostly abstract landscapes and figurative work. It has evolved a bit from trying out new techniques when I first started but now I feel like I have my own personal ‘style’ and way of putting paint down. It’s nice to know I can be versatile in the subject matter yet I'm able to keep a cohesive look and palette. I’m sure it will continue to evolve but for now I’m feeling good about my practise and the direction it's going in.
What are the main themes/ideas in your art?
I like to play with the idea of merging emotional and physical landscapes into one. My work is loose and expressive, you can always see many layers and brush strokes to show the formation of the painting and it's transparency. For example, you will see darker base layers coming through in certain areas of the paintings to add depth and texture. 
What is your process for creating a new artwork?
I usually like to create artwork in collections (between 3-8 artworks). this way I can get organised and use the same colour palettes. It also gives a nice flow to my work as a whole. I tend to have multiple on the go (including private commissions) so it can get a bit cramped in my little studio!

What materials do you like to work with you when creating your art?
I work on canvas using acrylic and mixed media. I prefer to work on big canvases - that way I can really let go and be more fluid in my work
What/who is your main source of inspiration?
Always my mum. She passed away last year from cancer and has always said I should pursue this as a career, so now I’m doing it. I know she would be smiling down.

Where do you create your art?
In my home studio. I’m lucky enough to have a room now (no more garage!) It's light, bright and the kids can run around while I paint. I can be there for them when they need me. 
What do you want people to think/feel when they see your art?
Happiness. All the lovely yummy happy feelings that art gives. I want them to feel all that. Art is powerful. Colours are healing. A world with a bit more colour and joy is what we need!

What are you working on right now?
So many things. Quite a few commissioned pieces right now, along with a brand new ‘Seascape’ series (including some poolside ones) with a whole bunch of light turquoise, peaches, warm yellows, something fresh coming into the warm summer months. All the pastel goodness.
What are your plans for the future or something you would like to work on next?
To get a bit more organised with the business side of things. I’ve just released prints which is so exciting! I’m loving the idea of creating affordable artwork for everybody. I guess mainly to keep going, keep working, keep making. I would love to do some collaborations with other businesses and also have a solo exhibition next year.
Three words to describe your artwork.
Playful, Soft, Expressive

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