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Three situations when a round artwork is the right choice for your home, and how to style it
Here's a quick test for whether a round artwork is right for your home. Go outside and walk back into your house with your eyes closed, open them up, and count how many round shapes you see. Most likely not very many because our homes are constructed using straight lines - whether that be rectangle doorways or square furniture. 
Straight lines are imperative for ensuring our homes stay standing. Yet, circles, as a symbol, represent balance and calm – something we're seeking more and more in our lives. The good news is that straight-lines and curved lines are best friends. So it doesn't have to be one or the other, they love hanging out together and often look better as a couple.
How do you know if your square wall needs a circular artwork? Keep reading, we'll tell you how. 😀

'Still Life in Bathroom' is a cheeky art print by the Japan based New Zealand artist Emile Holmewood aka Blood Bros. 

Emile vector illustrations are inspired by a wide range of things and art periods from LEGO, Japanese culture to Baroque art and American painter Norman Saunders.

This simple but impactful styled shot by the Place and Graces team picks out key colours in the art print and reinforces them in the objects and furniture to make for a contemporary styled shot.

View 'Still in Bathroom' by Blood Bros. >

Styled by Places and Graces for endemicworld