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Featured: Jenna Smith

Why we love art?

Art brings us joy, conjures up fond memories, remind us to slow down, transports us to foreign places, allows us to practise using our imaginations and creates whole different worlds to experience.

This collection was put together to inspire and share with you a small bit of the art we love.

Elliot Alexander

Colour Theory Photographic Print by Petra Leary

"I really like the ocean, boats of all kinds, the colour's a long time favourite of mine, it is such a satisfying blue to look at and live with."

Grace Popplewell

Tūmanako Photographic Print by Rakai Karaitiana

"It reminds me of going tramping with my grandparents as a kid. At the time I probably didn't appreciate it enough, but this photo really captures the timeless beauty of native Aotearoa bush."

Jonnie Ritchie

Ethereal Flora Photographic Print by Georgie Malyon

"I love that this photograph is taken in real time, and transports you to a psychedelic underwater dream world."

Renée Morris

Srsly Flowers Art Print by Emile Holmewood

"I'm a big fan of a vase full of flowers. I love the way Emile has treated this one, it reminds me of low-fi video. The flowers look as though they are breathing."

Sam Pitcher

General Store Photographic Print by Si Moore

"These are such incredible photos, from the colours, the kids staring at you, to the plastic chairs. It makes me want to be there and see it for myself."

Teyana Powell

Ascend Art Print by Lucy Davidson

"The shadow placement and cracks make it feel like a landscape from a bird's-eye view. The colours Lucy uses give it a dreamy feeling."