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Matariki Hunga Nui

Featured: Jenna Smith

No WiFi Limited Edition Art Print by Lotte Hawley

'No WiFi' by Lotte Hawley brings back that feeling of being free, being on an adventure... just being a kid. 

Nostalgia and innocence are two of the themes that run through Lotte's hand drawn illustrations.

“ My drawings are an exploration of the imagination, nostalgia and feelings of childhood. They step back in time to a place of simplicity, make believe, and a self-reliant state of play. These ideas recall a moment in our lives in which anything is possible. A memory, or a favourite past time, is then expanded into an almost surreal, fantastical dimension. We run away to explore… knowing that we must be home before dark.”

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Styled by Places and Graces for endemicworld