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Katie Revie

Katie Revie is a Sydney based New Zealander who has always dabbled in art, design and fashion. With a Masters in Architecture and 10 years working in the fashion industry under her belt Katie is not short of creative endeavours.
In early 2020 she began to invest more time in her artistic practice and has had a enthusiastic response which has encouraged her to launch her website and team up with us her at endemicworld to show and sell her work. 
Katie's original artworks focus of female form and fluid movement of the body, primarily ink on paper that capture the constant shift of the body which is beautifully mimicked and captured by the instability of the ink on paper.
An old neighbour and friend of endemicworld, Katie's own footwear brand Revie was based out of 80 Ponsonby Road until early 2019, we are super excited to now be offering her work in store and online.