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‘Modern Modernism’
by Jodi Clark
2nd - 15th June, 2020

endemicworld® is excited to present 'Modern Modernism' an exhibition of contemporary Modernism inspired paintings by Whanganui artist Jodi Clark.

"My love for both design and image making has shaped my works, they are an exploration of colour, modernism, decoration and the syntax of shapes. I’m inspired by the graphics, architecture and art of different eras, particularly mid-century onwards.

In my paintings multiple dialogues between forms are abstracted from their original intent, taking on new meaning and life, while still triggering memories and nostalgia.

Our response to line and colour is the same as our response to music; arrangement and composition are limitless and produce strong statements of form and the complexities of a universal visual language."  - Jodi Clark

Ambient Pink

Original Painting by Jodi Clark

Maquette I

Original Painting by Jodi Clark


Original Painting by Jodi Clark