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Rae Prentis

Rae Prentis

Rae Prentis is a contemporary abstract painter who works predominately with acrylic on canvas. She has a lifelong passion for art and drama and values all creative expression. Rae’s extensive experience in both fashion and interior design heavily influences her work. 

Her paintings are brought to life with harmonious colours in bold and expressive abstract compositions. Rae has always been drawn to abstract art as a fearless expression of feelings. Her latest work concentrates on the expression of your emotional state with the absence of corporeal values. In essence an abstract expression of feelings. Her latest works are titled ‘The Emancipation of Thought’. 

Rae’s home and art studio were recently featured in Your Home and Garden magazine. She lives and works on a gorgeous lifestyle block in rural Kaukapakapa with her husband and 3 dogs.