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Nikki Lovrich

With a long & diverse career as a top Makeup Artist Nikki Lovrich has been painting faces her whole life, but it has been only recently that her brush has been reintroduced to the canvas.

Up until 18 months ago, this self-taught artist hadn’t touched a paintbrush for over 12 years, then one day everything changed as her first 'Flowergirl' painting bloomed into life in a burst of tropical colour. 'Now I can’t stop, as each girl I create has her own unique style & personality so I can't wait to see what the next one will look like" Nikkis paintings of glamorous girls are graphic & bold with a brave use of intensely bright acrylic paint layered on for rich depth & texture.

She is inspired by Tropical Flowers, Vintage Hawaiian style, Seventies fashion & 1980's Popart. 'I live my life in colour- my paintings are a reflection of that'

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